Conditions of payment, modification and cancellation

This price is valid for a period of 12 days after being established. A deposit of 50% of the amount of your file is required to confirm your reservation, which becomes effective once this deposit paid and your registration form returned to Latitude Jamaica. The sun of your trip is due no later than 45 days before your departure. Any modification request once the deposit paid for the object of an additional cost. Any cancellation must be the subject of an e-mail addressed to the local agency, followed by an acknowledgment of receipt. 20% of the travel price will be charged to cover the administrative costs. The amount of the cancellation fee varies depending on when the cancellation occurs. Less than 45 days of departure: 40% of the price of the trip; Between 30 and 22 days of departure: 60% of the price of the trip; Between 21 and 7 days of departure: 80% of the price of the trip; Less than 7 days before departure and after departure: 100% of the price of the trip.

Vehicle Rental Condition
– International Driving License + Bank Card. – Two possible conductors on the contract (+ 3rd for an additional cost). – Minimum age: 23 years, maximum age 75 years, with a permit valid for at least 1 year.
Limited Liability Insurance does not cover damage to tires, optics, windshields, rocker panels, or damage caused by gravel projections or those caused by engine immersion. A security deposit (around US $ 750 depending on the vehicle) will be required. This deposit will be refunded if there is no loss or damage to the leased vehicle.
Nil Liability Insurance has the following restrictions: – Radio / CD / Cassette, Speakers, Tools, Spare tire, Ventilation grills, Trim, Covers, Carpets & other fabrics
– Damage to the chassis or engine due to negligence and driving the vehicle
– Vehicle driven by an unauthorized person in the rental contract. – Assistance in case of damaged tire, loss of key, change of battery discharged by customer’s fault, delivery of another vehicle in case of accident, towing or troubleshooting – if you Leave the vehicle in a condition of insecurity in an isolated place facilitating the theft- In case of traffic violations A deductible will apply in case of damage caused to the property of a third party in another Customer will be liable.
A security deposit (between $ 250 and US $ 450 depending on the vehicle) will be required. This deposit will be refunded if there is no loss or damage to the leased vehicle.
– Unlimited mileage, all taxes included. – Option GPS, baby seat or child for an additional cost, subject to availability, the request must be made at the reservation. – The security deposit is made through the credit card.

Our Guarantee
Latitude Jamaica is a receptive agency created in Jamaica in 2012 by a Franco-Jamaican team, specialized in a la carte travel and off the beaten track. Combining our experience as a globe-trotter, entrepreneur and multilingual guide, we work with seriousness to set up services combining nature, culture and encounters. You will be in touch with the true connoisseurs of the terrain, carefully selecting the most authentic places of the island, the most interesting attractions, the accommodations for their charm and their value for money.

** In addition to public holidays, Bob Marley Group / Appleton Estate Museums closed on Sundays; YS Falls closed on Monday; National Art Gallery / Devon House closed on Sunday and Monday; Marcus Garvey Museum and Port Royal closed on Saturday and Sunday. Day trips in advance: the water